Connecting education research,
learning, and innovation.

About us

InnovED is the education incubator and home of entrepreneurship education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto.

At the intersection of education research, professional learning, and innovation, we apply teaching and learning sciences to develop and advance opportunities for societal improvement.


Our focus

Building Skills
for Innovation

It takes skills and specific conditions for innovation to work well. Through webinars, workshops and learning programs, we share research-informed education innovation methods to build your knowledge and capabilities for creating meaningful social impact. 


Today’s social challenges are too complex for a single policy or service to fix.

We facilitate systems improvement initiatives that catalyse diverse stakeholders to take action. 

incubating Education Startups

Our newest OISE-based startup, AT SELECT, guides individuals with best-fit Assistive Technology that can profoundly change their lives. 


InnovED Learning Events

Tailored “Innovation 101” skills and capacity building training, that takes place through talks, workshops and webinars. 

The focus of this series ranges from an introduction to social innovation, to ideation and learning skills which underpin the social innovation process. 

How do we challenge and change the systems that perpetuate social problems? How can we effectively facilitate inquiry and ideation?
Our InnovED workshops answer questions like these and more.

Working with a social innovation facilitator, teams are led through an inquiry and learning design process to explore problems, generate potential solutions and gather feedback to take their ideas to the next level. 

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