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Minimizing Brain-Strain - Understanding Stress and Learning

As entrepreneurs, we are often consumed by deadlines, pitches, launches and episodes of trial and error. This can lead to feelings of stress and worry, and while entrepreneurs report to experience these feelings more than others – we all know they are commonly experienced in any line of work. Thinking and functioning at a high level is necessary for so many of us in our careers, but unsurprisingly, when we experience stress our capability to think and learn can be challenging. Come and learn how and why stress impacts our learning performance and what you can do to minimize brain-strain!

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Join Dr. Todd Cunningham in this one-hour InnovEd Learning Event (delivered in-person and online simultaneously) to learn about the neural responses to stress and the impact that stress has on learning. This interactive session will also provide you with insights to identify stressors, as well as the strategies or interventions that you can apply to minimize the impact of stress.

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Systems Innovation Workshop

How do we challenge and change the systems that perpetuate social problems? Explore the principles of improvement and dive into the frameworks, approaches and tools that support systems improvement, such as disciplined inquiry and managing variability. 

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Facilitation for Innovation Workshop

Learn the tools and techniques to effectively facilitate inquiry and ideation. Practice the proven facilitation methods for stakeholder gathering/engagement; team building/ alignment; ideation of new solutions; and rapid prototyping of ideas. 

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