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EduBeyond is creating a vertically generated AI learning platform. Our company supplies new-age learning solutions to enterprises and education. We integrate academic and industry-based research in our technologies and for analyzing user behaviour, resulting in partnerships with Microsoft, U Michigan, and U of Toronto. We are also certified by the United Nations as a high-impact organization.


Learner focus groups with the goal of 

a) Rationalizing learning behaviour and systematically identifying relevant qualitative and quantitative metrics for new & specified learning outcomes

b) Fine-tune product user prompting through focus group interviews, ensuring future platforms can elicit relevant data for personalized actions.

Integrating behavioural research with AI is to create an infinitely personalized learning experience.

Talent Profile

Those well-versed in structuring focus group-based research (with a preference to industry-focused)

Academic personnel in behaviourism and digital psychology 

Education professionals 

Length of Engagement

Until June 30th, 2024


Get in touch with EduBeyond about this research opportunity by visiting their website:

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