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Path to Career

PathtoCareer, psychology assisted and AI powered EdTech platform which goes beyond traditional career guidance tools by integrating 30,000+ career guides, academic resources, financial literacy and networking opportunities into one comprehensive platform.


In line with our objective to enhance educational technology offerings, we will be initiating a collaborative research project involving guidance counselors. This project aims to integrate technology into the career planning process to make it more efficient and tailored to each student's needs.

We will work closely with guidance counselors to understand the challenges they face in providing career guidance to students. We will also explore ways in which technology can be used to overcome these challenges.

The project will involve developing a digital platform that can be used by both students and guidance counselors. This platform will provide resources, tools, and personalized recommendations to help students make informed decisions about their careers powered by AI. Guidance counselors can also use this platform to track students' progress and provide more targeted advice. Through this project, we hope to make career planning a more engaging, informative, and productive process for students.


Literature Review: We will start by conducting a comprehensive literature review to understand existing career planning strategies and their effectiveness.

Survey: We will distribute surveys to students to understand their current career planning knowledge and needs.

Interviews with Counselors: We will interview guidance counselors to gain insights into their experiences and challenges in delivering career guidance.

Develop a Prototype Program: Based on our findings, we will develop a prototype career planning program.

Pilot Testing: The prototype will be tested with a small group of students and guidance counsellors.

Feedback and Refinement: We will gather feedback and use it to refine our program.

Length of Engagement

This research effort is expected to be completed in 3months

Pilot Testing Duration

Pilot testing is expected to run for a month


Get in touch with Path to Career about this research opportunity by visiting their website:

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